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Let Your Child be a Detective to Figure Out “Whose Foot is it”?

September 12, 2008

Using all of the clues to figure out which dinosaur print it is, just like a detective.

Becoming a Detective

While your child is experimenting making footprints in play dough and observing the results, they are also being detectives to notice the difference.  This activity helps develop your child’s fine motor skills while he is manipulating the play dough.

Preparation for Activity

      1. Gather dinosaurs with different shaped feet.
      2. Make the play dough or buy play dough.

Who Foot is it?

      1. On a table place an assortment of dinosaurs and play dough.
      2. You can model the activity by flattening some play dough to make a path.
      3. Then have a dinosaur “walk” over the play dough making a track.  You can do this when you are setting everything up so your child doesn’t see the dinosaur you are using.
      4. Ask your child to find which dinosaur, out of the ones you have selected, made the path.
      5. Let your child continue to do this as long as they are interested in observing what happens.
      6. They can make the paths by them self.

This activity can be done repeatedly.  Young children gain knowledge and understanding by repeating an activity.

Think About It!

Some questions that might be asked:

      1. What dinosaur do you think made this track?
      2. How did you figure it out?
      3. Did you look at the toes?
      4. Was it the shape of the foot?
      5. What clues did you use? Let them explain their reasoning.


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