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Paper Hat

September 12, 2008

child wearing a paper hat

Make a young paleontologist hat ready for a fun and sunny day.

How to Make a Paper Hat

tissue paper
masking tape
assorted items to decorate with
  1. Layer the tissue paper and the newspaper like a sandwich with 2 full sheets of newspaper in the center.
  2. Place the layers of paper on your child’s head and wrap with masking tape around the tissue paper.  The tape should be approximately from the bridge of her nose to the nape of her neck.  At this point, you won’t be able to see your child’s face but she may be giggling.
  3. Now take off the hat and let your child have fun folding up the sides in whatever manner she chooses.  She can crunch it up, roll up only the front, roll up all the sides or only one side.
  4. When she is pleased with her creation, tape it down with masking tape to retain the shape.
  5. Now she can decorate it any way she would like.

Think About It!

Some questions that might be asked:

  1. Why did you fold up the brim like that?
  2. How does it feel on?
  3. Does it need a strap?
  4. Is there anything else it needs?
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