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Discovering Dinosaurs

September 14, 2008

Keeping kids happy and thriving over the summer isn’t always easy but we’re going to show you some ideas that you can try with your own children at home. Your children will become invested in the learning if they are actively involved and they’ll have so much fun, they won’t know they are learning.

Ways to Introduce

You are about to take your children on an adventure of a life time. You’ll be taking them to the jungles of yesteryear, back in time. You will no longer be just mom or dad; you’ll be the trail guide, the observer of learning, the maker of memories. For this summer adventure we picked dinosaurs because kids love dinosaurs. Girls and boys alike gravitate towards the mystery of these creatures, similar to scientists who still don’t know things like: What color were they? Did they have feathers? The possibilities for young minds are endless. There are many ways you can introduce a summer of adventure.

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Video Snippets: The video presents various ways to introduce your dinosaur dig to your child: reading a book, discovering an egg, uncovering bones in the dirt, measuring a dinosaur foot print and much more.

Activities for the Big Day

Now for the fun part! Some activities will require preparation before the “big day” so plan accordingly. Some activities are more involved then others but none are very complicated.

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The Big Day

Mom and dad, you’ll have to get up a little earlier to set out all of the “props” prior to your children waking in the morning but trust us, it is worth it. The looks on their faces when you transform their “habitat” will be priceless. The habitat could be laid out: throughout your home, your backyard or through the neighborhood – the choice is yours. You could have your child follow the tracks left by an apatosaurus or have the palm trees set out where you want him/her to do the dig or both. For our Dinosaur Dig we had foot prints make a trail for our young paleontologist to follow and set a palm tree at each new activity.
If you choose going through your neighborhood, enlist other parents to join in the fun! The energy and enthusiasm from everyone involved will heighten the experience for all. You’ll be amazed at the outcomes.

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