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Excuse me, I’m taking a survey.

October 16, 2008

Capitalizing on your child’s interest in Halloween, she will survey her friends and family about the costumes she will wear for the big day.

Prerequisite and Goal For This Lesson

Prerequisite: Your child should be able to count to 10 to complete this activity with ease.

Goal: The goal of this activity is for your child to become comfortable asking people a question and recording the information.



  • Halloween book (optional)
  • pencil
  • clipboard (optional but children feel very official when they carry one)
  • PDF Yes/No type of Survey
  • PDF Costume Survey
  • PDF Survey (type in question)

This activity can be done over the course of a few days. Doing it in segments will help your child stay focused.

One way to introduce the lesson is reading a Halloween book with a variety of costumes in it, for instance:

One Halloween Night by Mark Teague

10 Trick or Treaters A Halloween Counting Book by Janet Schulman

The Scariest Monster in the Whole Wide World by Pamela Mayer

  1. With your child, brainstorm a list of Halloween costumes. She can name some of the ones from a story, the costumes she has heard her friends are planning on wearing or she can look through advertisements.
  2. Once she has a list of possible costumes, explain that she is going to do a survey. A survey is a way of collecting information on different topics. The survey she will be doing will be about Halloween costumes.
  3. Using the list to record her findings, your child will ask anyone she would like. The more people she asks the more fun it is. She can ask friends, family, neighbors, play groups, play ground friends or adults that she knows.
  4. There are many ways to approach the survey. Start with a question, such as, “What is your favorite costume?” or picking your child’s favorite, “Do you like (insert her favorite) as a Halloween costume?” How the question is stated depends on your child. It will also determine which survey form she will need. She can ask a yes and no question PDF, she can take the list of costumes and let people select their favorite PDF or she can make up herr own question PDF. The survey format stays the same just how it is approached is a little different.

  5. When your child has decided which form to use, now it is time to take the survey out to ask her question.
  6. Each person can write his/er own initials in the square, so when it is all done your child will be able to count the number of people that liked his costume or what costume was the favorite. You’ll need to explain that initials are the first letters in her first name and last name.

Re-enforcement Activities

Once your child has done a survey, encourage her to take surveys on anything she has an interest in. It is a great way to incorporate math and writing activities.

Materials needed: blank survey form PDF or graph form, pencil, clipboard or something to write on if she is outside.


Watching your child as she goes through the process will tell you if she enjoys doing the survey or what she had difficulty doing.

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