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Halloween Songs

October 16, 2008

Singing silly songs with your child will encourage her to remember and share them with others.

Prerequisite and Goal For This Lesson

Prerequisite: Most young children can master finger plays with repetition.

Goal: The goal of this activity is for your child to be able to recite a poem.

Halloween Songs


  • copy of finger plays PDF
  • “Looking for Dracula” by Charlotte Diamond (optional)
  1. Before introducing one of the songs, become familiar with the words and hand motions (if they are listed). If there are none listed, feel free to make up your own. Since you’ll be doing this many times, make the motions easy to do with you child.
  2. All of the songs that I selected have worked with young children in the past. I didn’t pick any that might be too spooky PDF.
  3. Doing any of these silly songs would be a great way to transition to another activity.
  4. “Looking for Dracula” by Charlotte Diamond. You can add to the fun with an assortment of props like an old cape, binoculars and candy wax fangs to go along with the song. Children love this song and will ask for it again and again.


Watch your child for her ability to recite the songs with only some guidance from you.

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