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Compare Apples

October 18, 2008

Make going to the fruit market an adventure for your child. Tell him he will be doing some projects with apples and let him pick out different kinds of apples to use for the projects.


– red, green and yellow apples
– red, green and yellow construction paper

Let your child pick out red, yellow and green apples at a fruit market.

Compare Apples

  1. Have a selection of red, yellow and green apples available. Some may be new to your child. (Encourage your child to be open to trying new things and tastes. He doesn’t have to love it, but it’s important to at least try it.)
  2. Have your child sort the apples onto the colored construction paper.

Re-enforcement Activities

  1. Have your child count them.
  2. Have your child tell you which color has the most apples or other related questions.
  3. You can also use the apples for a little geography lesson. Apples are imported from around the world. Using a map to show your child where the different apples in your local market come from and for older students you can have them calculate the distance the apples have traveled. It is kind of cool that in your local market there are apples from New Zealand, Chile and Fuji. Places most children don’t know much about. Follow your child’s interest, if he seems interested in learning more about one of the countries; take the time to explore it with him.

    Making a game of it makes it more fun for both of you and he’ll be interested longer.


This activity is appropriate for an informal assessment. If your child is able to match the three colored apples to the paper, without guidance, than he is ready to move on. If your child can not match the red, yellow and green apples without help, then he needs more time to explore these colors.

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