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October 18, 2008

      Homemade Dinosaur Costume For Kids

Some children need to immerse themselves in the topic that they are learning.  So becoming a dinosaur for a while will give your child that opportunity and making a costume as their favorite dinosaur is a blast!

Preparation to Make Costume

scraps of material
assorted items to create and decorate a costume
  1. Making a costume can be as simple as making a headband with ears, a tail your child can tuck in the back of their pants, painting a t-shirt with spots or stripes. Or it can be elaborate as a Halloween costume.
  2. If your child wants a costume you can: check out the patterns on-line or at a fabric store, go to a costume store for ideas that you can modify to make yourself, or go to Amazon.com.
  3. Having the flexibility to create, children gain a great deal of confidence in their own abilities.  It doesn’t have to be perfect and it should be, as much as possible, your child’s work.


Your child may wish to wear their costume for the dig or you may have created a young “paleontologist” outfit for them to wear.

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