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Decorate Favorite Apple

October 18, 2008

decorating apples with homemade stickers

Turning an ordinary apple into an apple creation with its own unique personality is great fun! Children of all ages enjoy making crazy faces for their apple creations.

assorted apples
markers or crayons
clear labels, transparent tape or store bought stickers

  1. Have your child pick his favorite apple to decorate into an apple person or apple animal.
  2. Let your child draw whatever he would like on the clear labels or transparent tape: hair, eyes, nose, mouth etc (You can purchase regular googly eyes or as stickers from any craft store).
  3. He can attach them wherever he would like. Most labels peel right off the apple so it can still be eaten after they have been enjoyed.

Taking a picture of the apple creation with your child would be a great way to wrap up this activity.


This lesson gives you an opportunity to watch your child take the lead. Watch her behavior and see if she is comfortable making choices for her creation. Does she ask you to draw the eyes or is she content with the ones she is able to draw? The goal is for her to feel confident in her own abilities to express herself in whatever medium she is working with. Resist drawing the eyes for her.

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