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I Dig Dinosaurs!

October 18, 2008


Take your family on a real Dinosaur Dig! What kid wouldn’t love to find a dinosaur bone – a real one no less?  Give your child a once in a lifetime trip out to ColoradoMontanaSouth DakotaTexas or Wyoming to dig along side an actual paleontologist with the distinct possibility of finding dinosaur bones.  How cool would that be?

States That You Can Find Dinosaur Digs

Some Dinosaur Fun Facts

  • “Brontosaurus” means “thunder lizard”. Have your child imagine what it sounded like when it walked.
  •  Do you know what state is called “The Stegosaurs State”? It’s Colorado – the stegosaurus is the state fossil!
  • Through most of dinosaur times, dinosaurs shared the world with smaller animals like frogs, salamanders, lizards, mammals, and turtles.
  • A related dinosaur fact – although a pterosaurs is not a dinosaur just a large flying reptile, almost half have been found in western Colorado.


Dino Digs – Grand Junction
(970) 242-0971


June through July we (PaleoWorld Research Foundation) invite all to join a unique dinosaur paleo-adventure in the geological information known as Hell Creek formation in Garfield County located near the town of Jordan Montana. The area is world renowned for discoveries of duck billed dinosaurs Triceratops, and of course, Dr. Barnum Brown’s discovery of the first Tyrannosaurus rex.

The PWRF dinosaur experience allows anyone with a desire to learn paleontology and participate in a “real” 100% hands-on approach to the exploration, discovery, and excavating dinosaur fossils in the badlands of eastern Montana.

As a PWRF “associate researcher” you are given the opportunity to learn and take part in actual field techniques used to find, collect, and preserve dinosaur fossils. We like to call our program “Edutainment”, the act of learning through a medium that both educates and is fun.

We (PWRF) strongly encourage learning opportunities between parent and child and our program provides an exciting learning environment where parents and children can explore and discover together.

South Dakota



Send Us Pictures

We’d love to see your children digging for dinosaurs, so send us your pictures of your summer dinosaur adventures!  We will post them here.

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