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Paint with Apples

October 18, 2008

painting with apple slices

Painting with apples cut in various shapes gives your child an opportunity to explore textures, shapes and colors in a safe environment.

2 apples
paper plate
butcher block or white construction paper
tempera paints in assorted colors

  1. Cut the apples to create different shapes:
    1. Cut one apple horizontally – when apples are cut horizontally, the core makes a star which transfers nicely on the paper. You may want to point it out to your child.
    2. Cut the other apple vertically – leave one side of the apple as is and cut the other side into quarters, and even smaller if you wish.
  2. Let your child select what color paint and what cut apple they would like to use. Pour the paint on the paper plate.
  3. Let them discover how much paint they need on the apple to make the print transfer to the paper.
  4. Let them decide what colors to use. It doesn’t have to be red, yellow or green.
  5. Let them experiment with different shapes of the cut apples or do only one.

You may want to cut the paper into large sheets to use for wrapping paper later.


This lesson is an opportunity for your child to explore. Every child gets something different from it but children enjoy working with the paints, they enjoy having the ability to pick which color and they enjoy deciding how they want to print the shapes. It’s important to let your child choose the colors and shapes that they want on their painting.  They will come away with more of an understanding than if they are told how to paint.

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