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Plant Apple Seeds

October 18, 2008

planting apple seeds

Children get excited when they can take a seed and watch it sprout into something entirely different. This is a great way to get your son or daughter interested in nature and the cycle of life.


paper towel
apple seeds
small plastic bag

  1. Collect the seeds while you are preparing the apple sauce or cutting them for the stencils for the apple painting activity.
  2. Put seeds in a wet paper towel and place them in a small plastic bag. Then they will need to stay in the refrigerator for 6 weeks. In this way you fool the seeds into thinking that winter has passed, it is now spring time and it’s time to sprout.

Plant Apple Seed


clay pot
apple seeds
gravel or packing peanuts for drainage

  1. When the 6 weeks are up, plant the seeds in a pot with good drainage. Gravel or packing peanuts can be put in the bottom of a clay pot to help give the soil drainage.
  2. Place in a sunny window and water when dry.
  3. There is no guarantee that the variety of apple that your seeds came from will be the kind that will grow. Since apple trees are cross pollinated, it is possible to get something totally different.
  4. If you find your child is interested in growing his own apples, you can purchase a dwarf fruit tree from a local nursery or order online from Nature Hills. They have a variety of fruit trees available. That way you’ll be guaranteed that you’ll get the fruit you want in just a few years.


When you’re watching your child, take note if he or she is interested in plants and nature.

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