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Dinosaur Puppets

October 18, 2008


How to make your dinosaur sock puppet craft:  Dinosaur hand puppet  

Your child will enjoy showing their new knowledge about dinosaurs while playing with the puppets they made for days prior to and after the dig.

Hand Puppet

old socks
paper bags
scraps of material
assorted items to create and decorate a puppet with
  1. Have your child decide what kind of puppet they would like to make: sock puppet, a puppet from a paper bag or a puppet glued together from pieces of material.  This is a time to sit back and assist when they need it but let them lead the activity.  It is very difficult, as a parent, to sit back and watch when your child may be struggling but unless they are reaching their frustration levels, give them time to figure it out on their own.
  2. Using the materials gathered, they can create one or more puppets.
  3. Having the flexibility to create, children gain a great deal of confidence in their own abilities.  It doesn’t have to be perfect and it should be, as much as possible, your child’s work.


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