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Recognize 1 – 10

October 18, 2008

counting apples with numbers on them, from 1 to 10

Can your child count from 1 – 10? Does she understand that each number represents a set number of objects? Try these activities and find out!

Recognize Numbers 1 to 10

Apples from the counting activity
Number line – optional
Ruler with large numerals – optional

  1. After your child has had an opportunity to play with the apples, ask her to put the apples in order from the smallest number to the largest number, setting them up from left to right. parent tip
  2. If your child needs help, she can use a number line, ruler with the large numerals or you can write the numbers from left to right to model how you want the numbers lined up.


If your child is unable to do this activity, you can make a game of it that you do together. “Let’s find number one.” When your child finds it, praise her. “Let’s put the number one here (places it on the left or if you are using the paper number line, places it at one). What number comes next?” Continue doing this through the rest of the apples unless your child is really not able to do this at all.

You’ll want to do this activity in a variety of ways to reinforce the skill, especially if your child is unsure or hesitates. Making a game of it, she will not tire of doing this until it is not longer a challenge.

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