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Isolating Sounds That Rhyme

October 18, 2008

Your child knows the alphabet. It’s so exciting! Your child is on their way to becoming an independent reader. Now they are ready to learn the letter sounds by playing with words that rhyme.

sheets of paper
old magazines
A selection of books that have verses that rhyme like: Hop on Pop and Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear?.

  1. While reading the verses, point out words that rhyme to your child. “Hop on Pop, wow, hop and pop rhyme. That is so silly! Look at the picture.” You can ask, “What other words will rhyme with hop and pop?” They can be nonsense words, sometimes the sillier the better.
  2. After reading rhyme books and verses, pause when you are reading to see if your child can fill in a word that would rhyme, for instance: “The cow jumped over the moon, in the month of …(June). If they can’t figure it out ask, “Well, would January fit?” Re-read the verse and put January in. Go through the months, one by one, since they may not know all of the months by name yet.
  3. Another activity is using old magazines to locate pictures of things that rhyme and glue them on a sheet of paper.
  4. If your child gets into it, let them make a book of rhyming pictures that they find.
  5. Reader Rabbit, Kids Phonics or Jumpstart are excellent computer games that reinforce letter sounds.


Children enjoy the fun romp through the pages of books like, “Hop on Pop”. They will begin to fill in the words that rhyme at the end of sentences. Even if it isn’t the word the author selected; if it fits the rhyming pattern, it works. Once your child understands rhyming words, you’ll both have fun rhyming silly nonsense phrases.

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