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Sequencing Numbers 1 – 10

October 18, 2008

child sequencing 3 numbers

Taking a random number of objects, can your child put them in order from the smallest number to the largest? She will not be able to do this if she doesn’t understand the concept of numbers 1 – 10.

Sequencing Numbers

Apples from the counting activity

  1. Your child should have a good understanding of what the numbers 1 -10 represent to have success at this activity.
  2. Using the 10 apples from the counting activity, have your child select any 3.
  3. Ask her to put them in order from the smallest number to the largest number.
  4. Give her an opportunity to think about it.
  5. If she is unsure, don’t pressure your child, she will be able to do it soon.


Watch your child process the directions. Does she have difficulty starting? Do you have to repeat the directions or guide her? Ask her, “Which is the smallest number?” If she can’t determine which number is next because she isn’t sequential (1, 2, 3, 4…), put the activity away for now.

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