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Some Things to Consider When Making Your Plans

October 18, 2008

Relax and explore during your next summer vacation.


Bring a sense of adventure when planning your family vacation. There is more for your family to explore than you can imagine. Many places plan family oriented activities that strive to have something for everyone and encourages spending time together.

Travel Ideas

A few ideas of outdoor fun your family may want to experience:

Cattle Drives Jeep Tours
Fishing/Fly Fishing Mountain Biking
Golfing Panning for Gold
Hiking Famous Pioneer Towns
Horseback Riding Attend a Pow-Wow
Hot Air Balloon Rides Ride a Stage Coach
Relax in a Hot Springs Bath Whitewater Rafting

Also check out:

  • National Parks – There are so many to choose from; Red Rock Canyons, Grand Mesa National Forest, Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Center, Dinosaur National Monument.  Check out the link to get a complete list of parks in the area you’ll be visiting and what each has to offer.
  • Chamber of Commerce – Be sure to visit the local Chamber of Commerce for the city your traveling to for information about events happening in their city and places of interest. Every state has a wealth of things to do and see.
  • State Tourism Board – The tourism board for these states offer great overviews of the state and sometimes they have coupons or discounts to events.

South Dakota


Great web sites to help make it easier to plan an awesome trip:

Bed and Breakfast
For those looking to blend in with the locals, check out the wide range of bed and breakfast accommodations that your family will enjoy.  You pick through their listings by location that you are interested in. The site has listings throughout the country.

Something you don’t find in too many places are ranches.  If you want to have your family take in the whole out west experience, you may want to check out these sites.  Their accommodations and activities range from horseback riding, campfires and lots of outdoor fun for everyone. If you have any experience unlike any other, share it so others can benefit from it too!

There is nothing like camping to bring you closer to nature. Some families really enjoy seeing the country one campsite at a time.

Let us know of any recommendations, so we can pass it on to others.

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