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Pencil Grip

November 10, 2008

Having your child learn to grip a pencil correctly is important at an early age. It is easier to show your child the proper way to hold a pencil than for her to relearn it later. Relearning to hold the pencil will be harder, because it will feel wrong or awkward to your child.

pencil, pen, crayon or marker

  1. Hand the pencil to your child with the lead pointing up. Hold the pencil somewhere in the middle so that your child will have to take the pencil somewhere above your hand.
  2. Ask her to take the pencil from you using her thumb and pointer finger. Indicate that you want her to take it just below the sharpened area.  If she takes the pencil too low, she won’t be able to do the next step.
  3. Once she has it, ask her to hold on to the pencil with her fingers and with her other hand gently flip the pencil around in an arc all the way so that it fits in the crucks of her hand. If the pencil doesn’t move, ask your child to ease up on her grip because she is holding on too tightly.
  4. Show her how the middle finger fits under the pencil.
  5. Then have her write on a piece of paper.


Take note of how your child is holding the pencil.  If her knuckles are white, fingers are red or a blister forms on her middle finger, then she is gripping the pencil too tight.

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