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Bright Ideas

January 29, 2009

using toy to practice spelling

This activity to practice spelling words requires a Lite Brite but since it can also be used just for fun, it might be a worthwhile investment!

Bright Ideas Lesson

Lite Brite
black construction paper
chalk or light colored crayon
spelling words
  1. Place the black construction paper on the Lite Brite, securing the corners with a peg.
  2. On the black construction paper write the spelling word in big letters with chalk or a light colored crayon. When you write the word on the paper while it is secured to the Lite Brite little circles will appear on the paper, the circles will then serve as a guide for your child whenhe is looking for the holes for the pegs.
  3. Then have your son carefully place the pegs as close to the line for each letter as possible, saying the letters for each word 3 times as he is placing the pegs.
  4. When he is all done, turn off the lights to see how cool it looks!
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