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Dictionary Go Fish

January 29, 2009

play go fish card game with spelling words

This is similar to Go Fish but with a twist to make it more of a challenge! Some children really like a challenge and this activity is especially useful as spelling words become more difficult.

Dictionary Go Fish Lesson


  • spelling cards made with the Fabulous Face Flashcards Activity
  • cards with the definition of each of the spelling words
  • cards with the pronunciation of each of the spelling words (use the dictionary if you need to), optional

Using the same format as the Fabulous Face Flashcards have your child make one card for the word (if he hasn’t already done so), one for the definition and if the words are harder, one for the pronunciation.


  1. Have your son write out or type the definition and the pronunciation himself (this will help him to retain the information better).
  2. When playing Go Fish, he will need to collect all 3 cards in order to lay them on the table.
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