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Mischievous Words

January 29, 2009

face 3These are words that can be a bit “mischievous” to spell. Although this game can be tricky, children really enjoy playing this game once they get started. Add the current spelling words with any other words that your child has worked on in the past or just download a set of our Mischievous Words cards.

The cards are in groups of 4 with all the same words but the first word in the list is rotated, so every card has a different word that is underlined on top.  To help identify a group of words the same number appears on the 4 cards – this is called their set number.

Play the Game

    1. Shuffle the cards.
    2. Deal out 5 cards and place the other card face down on the table for the draw pile.
    3. The idea is to collect all 4 cards in a set and lay them on the table.
      • Each player gets the 4 cards by asking a particular player for a card by:
        • using the set number
        • one of the words on the list that is NOT the first word
        • and spelling it.
      • The other player responds by giving that player the card they requested only if the word requested is listed on the TOP or having them draw from the pile.
      • The game continues to the next player.
      • The game is over when all the cards are matched.
    4. If the players listen closely, they will also learn what sets each player is trying to obtain. They quickly learn to pay attention to what is requested and the response each person gives. When it is their turn, they know who might have the cards they too are looking for.
    5. To add to the fun, there are the Mischievous Face cards. These cards can be used to complete any set of four. When 3 cards from a set are laid on the table along with a Mischievous Face card, it counts as a full set
    6. If another player has the card to complete the set with the Mischievous Face card, they can place their card down with the other 3 cards the player set down and retrieve the Mischievous Face card to use themselves.
      Children enjoy discovering the Mischievous Face cards when the cards are dealt out and it is funny to watch them try to have a poker face when they draw this card.

Here is an example of how a player would make a request for a card.

  • “James, (identify a particular player) do you have in set 17 the word busy, b,u,s,y?”
  • Now James would either give it to the player if he has set 17 with “busy” on the top line.
  • If James does have the card, he gives the player the requested card, the player gets another turn.
  • If he doesn’t have the card, he tells the player to pick a card. The turn then goes to the next person to the left (go clockwise – it will help when your child is learning how to tell time!).

Mischeivous Word Cards (753.5 KiB)

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