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Pegs and Grid

January 29, 2009
using pegs and peg board to practice spelling

Practice Spelling Words using Pegs on a Grid

A fun way to practice spelling words is using pegs and a pegboard. The pegs can be used for many rainy day activities as well as spelling. Not only is it a great way for your child to practice his spelling words but also it is great for hand-eye coordination and fine motor development.

Pegs and Grid Lesson

pegs and grid
spelling words group A
  1. Place a group A card directly in front of the grid.
  2. Using the card as a guide, have your son form the letters of the word, placing one peg at a time on the grid.
  3. Have him say each letter as he is placing the pegs.

    Some pegs can be ironed and fused together if he wants to keep the word (like his name or a particularly difficult word that he is proud that he mastered).

Re-enforcement Activities

  1. Repeat the activity using a different color peg for each letter,
  2. Or using one color peg for the vowels and another for the consonants,
  3. Or let your child choose a pattern and repeat the activity in that pattern,
  4. Or do it with all the colors mixed up.
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