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Water Color Painting

January 29, 2009
using paints to practice spelling

Practice Spelling Words using Water Color Paints

Some children really enjoy painting their spelling words on a piece of paper or the sidewalk (using water instead of paint). If your child paints his spelling words on a sidewalk the sun will “melt” the words away and it gets him outside while still practicing his spelling words.

Water Color Painting Lesson

watercolor or tempera paints
paint brush
large handled one for young children or
a small, adult handled brush for older ones
bowl of water to wash the brush in
spelling words from group A
sheet protector
  1. Allow your child to choose either a large handled paint brush or an adult small paint brush depending upon which one feels better in his hand.
  2. Have a bowl of water to wet the brush initially and to rinse off the paint as he selects a new color.
  3. Place a group A card in the sheet protector and in a spot that your child can see easily.
  4. Using the card as a guide, have your child paint his spelling words on the paper.
  5. Hang up the finished work. This work becomes a reminder of the correct spelling of the words.

    Painting his spelling words is a simple way to practice and will give his spelling words a whole new look.

Re-enforcement Activities

  1. Have your child write his spelling words with a hose on the sidewalk.
  2. Fill a squirt bottle with water and have your child spray the words on the sidewalk.
  3. Fill a squirt bottle with water and a few drops of food coloring (be careful could stain clothes) and let your child spray the words in the snow.
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