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Wikki Sticks

January 29, 2009

using Wikki Sticks to practice spelling

These colorful strips are wax-covered pieces of string that can be used for many purposes and practicing spelling words is just one of them.

Wikki Sticks Lesson

Wikki Sticks or pipe cleaners
spelling words from group B
sheet protector
  1. Place a spelling word from group B inside of the sheet protector. The sheet protector protects the word and you can use it multiple times.
  2. Your child can lay the Wikki Stick (or pipe cleaner) on top of each letter, have him bend the Wikki Stick or pipe cleaner in the shape of the letters as he moves from one letter to the next.
  3. The letters are large enough to trace and the sheet protector helps the waxy string stay in place. The pipe cleaners don’t stick but they still work well.
  4. Your son can cut the sticks to fit the letters and the pieces can be reuse in the future.
  5. Have your son say each letter as he is tracing them with the Wikki Stick.
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