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Hurray! Super Spelling is here to save the day!

March 20, 2009

The Spelling Unit (complete with Super Spelling – check him out!) is up and running with new activities being added every week. There is over 50 different activities for children to choose from to practice their spelling words. Some are easy to put together and some require special equipment, but all are fun and effective ways for children to learn. What better way of engaging the brain and learning new things than to make it fun and interesting. No more boring spelling practice!

Chantal and I have had so much fun making the video, brainstorming the list of activities, learning how to use Adobe Illustrator to make the drawings and pulling together all of the information. We will continue to focus on making videos about a variety of topics we think parents want more information on or that we feel we have a unique way of showing it. We are planning on video taping a new topic on Tuesday and we’re geeked!

Recently Chantal discovered that the spelling video was downloaded to a Japanese website that helps people learn to speak English. How cool is that?

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