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How to Tie a Shoe

May 7, 2009

Make learning how to tie a shoe as easy as 1 – 2 – 3! Our special laces are called Crazy Lacy. Each lace has two colors. The two colors allows you to give instructions to your child as to which end of the lace goes where. For example, the yellow end of the lace goes over the orange end.

cross the yellow lace over the orange and create and X

1. Take the ends of the lace – one in each hand and cross the yellow end of the lace over the orange making an X. See the hole it makes?

put yellow end of lace through the hole and pull both ends

2. Put the yellow end into the hole and gently pull both ends.

make to bunny ears with the laces

3. Make floppy bunny ears with each end of the lace.

cross the bunny ears and make another X

4. Then cross the yellow bunny ear over the orange.  It makes a smaller hole, like a rabbit hole.

pull both bunny ears to make the lace tight

5. Poke the yellow bunny ear through the hole and gently pull both the yellow and the orange bunny ear.

6. You have just tied your shoe – great job!

Here’s How to Untie Your Crazy Lacy:

untie a show by pulling one lace

When it’s time to take off your shoe, take one end of the lace, not the loop, and pull.

A Note to Mom and Dad:

  1. Be patient – while your child learns how to tie, give her time to practice.
  2. Be consistent – while she is learning how to tie, have her always put the yellow end of the lace on top.

Although it is easier for you to tie the shoe for your child, you are giving her an important gift – independence!  She is on her way to becoming a big kid!  It’s an exciting time for both of you.

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