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10 Trip Ideas for the Summer

June 9, 2009

Anyone have a yen to get into their car and take off with the family this summer to enjoy the warm summer days and relax and rejuvenate?  Don’t let the economy and rising gas prices make you timid about taking a road trip.  Planning trips close to home might open your eyes to things you didn’t know you had in our “backyard” while checking out some of the wonders of America.  Involve the kids in the planning to make the trip more of an adventure for everyone.  As with anything, you might have to think outside the box but the rewards might surprise you.  Here are some websites that might help you explore new ideas.

  • Fun Drives – Looking for a scenic route that you will love to drive on?   They have fabulous color pictures and suggestions for scenic locations around the country.
    1. Our National Parks – almost every state has a national or state park that you can explore at a nominal fee. Some have campsites and events or things of interest.  Check out things that make your local park unique like the park that is the Salamander Capital of the World.
    2. Hot Air Balloon Festivals – There are hot air balloon festivals hosted throughout the country. Watching the lifeless balloons fill up with air to become majestic works of art is something that is unforgettable.  Some are fanciful and ornate but all are grand to watch as they glide in the air currents over head.  When there is more than one hot air balloon, it is absolutely spectacular.  
    3. Chamber of Commerce – The Chamber of Commerce in the town you are thinking of visiting.   They can also let you know of any special events happening in the area and they may also be able to provide you with coupons as a thank you for coming to their town. Yippee!
    4. Theme Parks -If your kids like to scream, and who doesn’t on a roller coaster, check out the amusement parks around the country.  There might be one close to another destination your are thinking about visiting.
    5. Camping – There is always the summer favorite – going camping!  Every state has areas set aside for people to enjoy nature at their own pace.  Show your kids how to fish, make s’mores or make a fire, take a hike, relax and enjoy nature in its splendor.  Your kids will learn so much while having a blast.                  
    6. Diners – Build a trip around diners that you haven’t been to.  The Food Network has shows that review diners around the country so all you have to do is find one in your area and check it out.  Now you and your family can be the judge and see if you agree with them.  
    7. Blue Highways – Or you may just want to travel on the side roads – forget about getting there fast.  They are also called the blue highways because that is the color that they are usually labeled on maps. Explore new towns, take the less traveled routes, and stop at local historical sites.  Travelocity has help for anyone looking for ideas and great rates.  Click on the the link here.
    8. Travel Games – How many people remember playing games in the car with your friends or siblings?  I remember counting horses all across the western states.  Here’s a website that has some helpful suggestions for great games that your kids can play in the car.
    9. Places of Interest in America – Need some ideas f
      or places to go?  This site has lots of suggests and tools to make the trip more enjoyable.            

    Remember to pack a variety of health snacks (pretzels, string cheese, dried fruit, peanut butter on crackers…)freeze water and juice boxes to put in the cooler (they are also great to use to cool down on a hot day) and have towels and swimsuits available in the car (just in case you come to an inviting swimming hole). Take books to read together or have books on tape they are always great for the whole family to be involved in a common interest while driving.  Or put a story on tape yourself, hearing your voice can be very calming for younger children and it can be a fun surprise for them.

    For an idea you can do at home, check out our dinosaur dig and all of the activities that add to the fun.  There are things all around you to do this summer with your family – just take a deep breath, relax and enjoy!

    Let me know where your travels take you and what ideas worked out the best and, most importantly,have fun!

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