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Educational Links to Capture Your Child’s Interest

July 10, 2009

Unbelievable as it may seem, we are already half way through the summer! Yikes! We wait for warm weather (well, we do in Michigan) and it’s here and I’m loving it, but half way through the summer is a reality check for me.

Some of you may be pulling your hair out and have already started to think longingly of packing lunches again. Are you ready for a little break to sit back and enjoy the summer?  I found some websites that have great online educational games to capture your child’s interest long enough for you to put your feet up and take a breather.

Fun Brain
They have games like Mad Libs were you pick out the nouns, adjectives and verbs to make humorous, silly stories.  Children always get a kick out of the stories that make no sense but make them laugh just the same. Most of the games are for older children that are able to read.  Poptropica is a interactive game but I would think for most children that have been exposed to video games it would be slow but there is problem solving, reading clues and many choices for your child to make and discover.  It might be worth checking out. I liked the element of history that they incorporate into the story line. It is free but half way through they ask for your email address.  They don’t have to put anything in, just close out of the window and the adventure continues.

Family Fun magazine
Family Fun magazine is always loaded with tons of ideas for family fun and at this link they offer online games to download.  Some are short versions for your child to play.  What a great way to find out which ones your child enjoys and wants to play so you can download the full version.  They have Bookworm, which my students loved but watch out mom or dad, it can be very addicting.

PBS is known for their great television programing for children and here they offer great activities for children from Kindergarten to second grade.  They also have a nice guide of milestones your child will likely achieve through the grades.

This is a varied list of games from PBS for older children.  The games are all to reinforce a skill, not to introduce a new topic.  But with that in mind, some of the games are pretty straight forward that young children can try them out and not feel overwhelmed.  They may learn something new along the way.

Cool Math 4 Kids
This website offers great games for kids of all ability levels.  I especially liked their Brain Benders.  They use a variety of problem solving situations for kids to challenge themselves.

Primary Games
Although this is called primary games, some of the games are a bit advanced for young children.  They have a great variety including language arts games which are harder to find online.  It’s worth exploring.

Houghton Mifflin
This is intended to be used to reinforce a skill from one of their textbooks but you can just pick a text book in the grade your child is working in and start playing. The games are fun and there was quite a few to pick from in a variety of topics.

Elementary Math Games
This site covers topics from addition practice to logic puzzles.  They are interactive so children are engaged and involved.

Education World
This site has a list of games that all that is needed is a deck of cards and dice.  Too cool!  Great way to spend a hot or rainy day.

So – have your children check out these sites when they are bored or when it’s time to do some brain work. Let me know if your children give them 1 thumbs up or 2 thumbs up.  I’m hoping none of them are a thumbs down!

Let the summer fun continue!

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