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Tricks to Remember Left Hand or Right Hand

September 24, 2009

Some children have difficulty learning their left side from their right side. Although the English language is read from left to right, many children don’t realize it. They just follow what they have seen their parents do. We are focusing on the left, since it has a natural marker in the left hand that we are about to show you.

Left Hand Memory Trick

In order for your child to understand this trick, she has to know the direction of the capital letter “L”.

1. Have her put out her hands in front of her with the fingers together and the thumbs sticking out.

2. Trace along the inside edge of her left hand with your finger to show the letter “L” her fingers make. Then show her that if she tries to make a capital letter “L” with her right hand, the letter would be facing the wrong direction.

3. Now if she gets confused, “Which one is my left?” have her put out her hands and locate the “L” on her left hand.
Right Hand Memory Trick
Sorry this trick will only work for people who are right handed.

1. Have your child write on a piece of paper to be sure that she is right handed.

2. Then tell her that her right hand is the hand that she writes with, explain to her that “right” and “write” sound the same.

3. Now if she gets confused, “Which one is my right?” Ask her which hand she writes with. You will probably see her put up her right hand and write in the air to help her remember.

Distinguishing Mark Trick

If your child has a distinguishing mark on either hand, she can use that as a tool to help remind her of which is her left or right.

For instance: if she has a birth on her right hand pointer finger knuckle and not her left hand that could be her reminder marker.

Play Games Using Commands of “Left” and “Right”

“Simon Says”

Play “Simon Says” with directions of putting her left hand on her head or hop on her left foot.

Focus on doing a variety of things with the left side until she knows it automatically before incorporating the right side.

Check out this youtube video to see how’s it’s played:
Disney Channel Games – Simon Says #2 (podcast)

“Hokey Pokey”

Play the classic “Hokey Pokey” and dance together through the house to practice her left and rights in a fun way.

Here are two youtube videos that may help you remember the song.
Pillow Heads Dance the Hokey Pokey
HAPPY DVD 2 – Hokey Pokey

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