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Taking the Confusion Out of Confusing Letters

October 23, 2009

colored paper
popsicle sticks or card stock
cut out letters from magazines

1. For those letters that are similar and are confusing your child, get a container for each letter.
For instance; in print these groupings of letters can look the same when they are flipped:

Group 1 w” and “m
Group 2 n” and “u
Group 3 “b”, “p”, “q” and “d”

Your child may have a different set of letters that are giving them trouble, use the same set of instructions for the group of letters that are difficult for your child.

containers with letters that are giving your child trouble

2. Decorate the containers for each grouping in some way so that they match. For example, use the same colored paper to cover the container.

3. Write each letter on a separate container. Let your child look at them to discover the differences of the letters.

containers with letters

4. Label popsicle sticks or use card stock with the letter on the top edge. Or you can cut out letters from magazines so they can practice with a variety of fonts. Be sure to underline the letters because when there is no point of reference, it would be hard to sort the letters correctly.

5. Now have your child sort the letters into their respective containers.

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