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Learning the ABC’s

November 20, 2009

Having your child learn her ABC’s is fundamental for her to learn to read.
Remember to introduce the lower case letters as well as the upper case letters. The lower case letters are really important because when your child begins to read she is going to see more lower case letters than upper case.

Also explain that the letters may look a little different, so show different fonts of the same letter.

When your daughter is beginning to learn her letters and you are playing letter games don’t overwhelm her by putting out all 26 letters. Begin with 1 or 2 that she doesn’t know along with 2 or 3 that she does. This way she won’t get frustrated and it will reinforce the ones she does know.

ABC Assessment

When the letters of the alphabet are listed in random order and your daughter can completely identify each letter by itself, then you can feel confident that she knows her letters and is ready to go on to learning her letter sounds.

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