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Listening to ABC Songs Together

November 24, 2009

Singing the ABC song as you go about your day with your child singing along with you will help them become familiar with the letters.

Youtube has some fun alphabet song videos to watch:
Elmo sings the alphabet song from Sesame Street
Alphabet Song. Let’s sing with TOONBO

There are other ABC songs on the market that children enjoy as well. Check out John Lithgow’s “You’re Adorable” on his “Singin’ in the Bathtub” cd.

Tips for Parents

Although many children can sing the ABC song, they don’t necessarily understand what they are singing.

For some young children the letters have no meaning yet, that is they don’t know that A, B, C, etc. are letters and that they are used to create words.


point to letters l m n o

A common misunderstanding for many children is that they think LMNO is one letter. In the song, these letters are sung together with no pauses, so they sound like one letter.

Be clear and slow down when you sing this part of the song and if you can point to the letters when you sing this may help remove the confusion.

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