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Fishing for Letters

November 24, 2009

bottle caps/ping pong balls (or some object that floats)
permanent marker
paper clip
clear tape
fishing pole/stick
chart of the alphabet PDF

Make the “Fish”

paper clip taped to bottle cap

  1. Take the bottle caps/ping pong balls and write one letter of the alphabet on each with a permanent marker.
  2. Tape a paper clip to each bottle cap/ping pong ball.

Make the Fishing Pole

fishing pole with magnet

  1. Find a long thin stick for a fishing pole.
  2. Tie a string with a magnet on the end of the pole (recycled magnets from business cards or promotions work well).

Go Fishing!

go fishing for the letters of the alphabet

  1. Fill a bucket/pool with water and place the “fish” in the bucket/pool (water is optional).
  2. Have your daughter “Go Fishing” for letters.
  3. When she “catches” one, have her identify the letter and place it on the chart PDF.You can use this to reinforce the letters she knows and add a few new ones. She might have so much fun that she’ll keep throwing the letters back in to do it again.
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