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Pizza Letters Fun!

November 24, 2009

cardboard or pizza board
spring hinged clothespins
wrapping paper

1. Cut the cardboard in the shape of a circle (16″ in diameter) or use a pizza board.

Pizza boards can be purchased at a local craft store or just ask your favorite pizza place if you can purchase one for a project for your child. They might even give it to you!

2. Have your daughter decorate it with wrapping paper and stickers keeping the edge free of decorations.

Decorate the Pizza Board

3. Then write the upper case letters on the edge of the board and the lower case on the clothespins.

Write Uppercase Letters on Board

4. Have your daughter attach the clothes pins of each letter, matching upper case with lower case.

Match the pin to the letters on board

5. You can make it self correcting by adding a symbol on the back of the board and the clothespin that match. For instance: on the back of the clothespin for the letter b put a red star and then on the pizza board match the clothespin with the upper case B and put a red star on the back of the pizza board above where the clothespin rests.

Make it self correcting

As your daughter becomes more comfortable matching the letters, she will be able to do it faster while learning her letters.

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