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ABC Books

November 29, 2009


ABC Books

  1. Fill your child’s world with books including ABC books. Read to them daily and often. Have books on tape available so they can listen to a story over and over again as they want to in order to absorb the vocabulary and the rhythm of the words.
  2. When reading an ABC story for the first time, read through the whole story then go back and find things that start with the letter on the page.
  3. ABC books come in many topics – one for every child’s interest from dogs to space and just about every state in the nation.
  4. Go to the library to find a wealth of books to select from to make it more interesting for both of you.
  5. A favorite of many of my students is Chicka Chicka Boom Boom by Bill Martin JrHere is a cute video with the Chicka Chicka Boom Boom story in song. I had one student that would climb into my chair and listen to the book on tape over and over again while she turned the pages! That was the beginning of her becoming an awesome reader.
  6. You can write your own ABC book with your child.  Start with a topic they love, like: Superheroes, Princesses, Dogs.  Then for each page they would draw something related for their topic with that letter. It would be a fun on-going project! Or they could tape/glue items that they locate that begin with each letter.  A could be acorns, sticker of an antelope, dried apple ring. B = blueberries, blue fabric, baby.
  7. Whatever you do, have fun with it!  This is the beginning of your child’s adventure in reading.

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