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ABC Re-enforcement Activities

November 29, 2009

The following are activities that use a variety of learning styles. Finding out which one your daughter enjoys doing and helps her retain the information is half of the fun.

  • In the car:
    When driving around town, you can play the classic car game of spotting the letters in the alphabet or just focus on one letter and let her count how many times she sees it.
  • With her body:
    Have her make the letters with her body. Some letters might require more than one person but let her figure out what she can do to make each letter. It can be fun to have a group of people make the letters together.
  • Alphabet walk:
    Write each letter of the alphabet on a separate sheet of paper and make a path to walk on in alphabetical order. Let her help set them up in whatever design she would like – curves, with spaces between, around the couch or down the hall.
  • Caterpillar walk:
    Let her make a caterpillar. Write the letters on paper circles then have her create the caterpillar using the letters as the body, put the letters in alphabetical order (put antenna on the letter a).
  • Dot-to-dot:
    Make dot-to-dot pictures for your child to complete using pictures in magazines or books. Lay a piece of paper over the picture and decide where the starting point is. Mark it “Start”, add a dot and an “A” then follow the lines of the picture and put a dot and a letter each time the outside edge starts to bend or curve. If you run out of letters before you have finished the outline, continue with lower case letters. Then add any detail lines that aren’t part of the outline that would enhance the picture when it is done. Or purchase a book with alphabet dot-to-dots.

    • ABC Dot-To-Dot    PDF
  • Movement:
    Have your child come up with movements for each letter. For instance: she needs to move like an alligator for a, bounce for b, climb for c… To remember each one, have her make a chart. Then you can make a game out of it using a set of the alphabet cards or write the alphabet on Popsicle sticks. She can draw out a letter and have to do the corresponding movement for the letter.
  • Game board, plus movement:
    Make a game board with the alphabet written on the path and she needs to draw a card to move (like Candy Land but with letters). Within the alphabet cards are some wild cards that she has to move like the letter on the next card. Having her help make the cards, game board and movement will make playing the game even more fun!
  • Letter Sort:
    Sort the letters in a scoop of alphabet cereal, identify each one. Then let her eat them!
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