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Playing ABC Dominoes!

November 29, 2009

Using the classic dominoes, adapt it to use to leave upper and lower case letters.

Playing ABC Dominoes

Match the upper case letters to the lower case letters.

dominoes or old business cards
print out of letters of the alphabet word doc or PDF
2 sets upper case
2 sets lower case

Make the Dominoes

  1. Print out 2 sets the letters of the alphabet in upper case letters and lower case letters.
    Changing the font helps your child realize that the letters can look a little different.

    tape letters to play the domino game using letters

  2. Cut the letters out.
  3. Using regular dominoes or old business cards, tape two different letters to each domino/business card facing in opposite directions.

    use old business cards

For letters that can be confusing as to their direction, like: p,q, b, and d, be sure to put a line under the letter so your child knows which way the letter sits.

underline the letters that may be confusing for which directions the letter should be

How to Play

  1. Start with all the dominoes/cards facing down and have each player select 5.
  2. The youngest player selects a one card to start with and places it in the center of the table.
  3. The next player must attach a domino/card on either end that matches the first domino/card. If they can’t match one, they pick up another domino/card.

    Match the Letters

  4. Turns are continued until no one can match any letters or all the dominoes/cards have been picked up.
  5. This can be played in a number of ways.

    play with the upper and lower case letters

Match the same letter for

  • the upper case letters to lower case only.
  • the upper case letters to upper case only.
  • the lower case letters to lower case only.
  • or either case (upper and lower).

Your child can also just match the dominoes up making fun paths with them.

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