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A Tradition to Start Early with Your Kids!

December 28, 2009

The holidays are over, hope everyone had a wonderful time with their family and friends! Now is time to take a deep breathe and exhale slowly. Take it easy and enjoy your kids time out of school – maybe plan a game night for the family or just build a snowman. But it’s important to fit in another “tradition”.  Whether your child and compose their own notes or not, it is important for them to participate in the process of writing out thank you notes for the gifts they received over the holiday, especially to people that are out of town or were not able to spend the day with them.

Thank You Note Writing

Taking the time to write a note that someone can hold in their hands, re-read, place on the mantel or pin on the bulletin board is a sign of manners and will be serve your child throughout their life.  The notes can be very simple but it’s important that they are sincere and in your child’s words.  If you child is young, have them dictate to you what to say.  If they are able, your child can then rewrite their words.  Don’t try to do them all at once – for some children writing out numerous thank you notes will be torture.  Break it up so a couple are done each day until they are completed.

Depending on your how old your child is, you may have to fill out the envelope so the address is legible and complete.  But let them put the stamps on – children enjoy doing that!

Notes made with our child’s artwork make the note very personal.  So let your child create the cards on construction paper or blank note cards. Get out the glitter, ribbons, stickers and anything else that strikes your child’s fancy. They will enjoy the process of creating works of art and the recipients will appreciate the time and effort that went into making the thank you note just for them!  It will give them warm fuzzies that will last for months!

Have a Happy New Year

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