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Snow Art Sculpture

February 19, 2010
Frozen colored water tower.

Colorful bits of ice catch the sunlight!

Snow Art Sculptures

Just like white walls scream for color, so does the expanse of white that lays before your child after a snowfall. Here’s a simple way for them to bring a little color into the world by having fun in the snow making snow sculptures.


  • assorted containers (spray  non-stick cooking oil on metal pans)
  • snow or water
  • food coloring


  1. Let your child fill an assortment of containers with snow or water and add a few drops of food coloring. If your using metal (like bowls or a muffin pan), spray them with non-stick cooking oil so the molds will slide right out.
  2. Allow them to freeze overnight then let your child remove them then arrange the ice pieces into an attractive design.
  3. Using snow as mortar between the pieces of ice to hold them together makes assembly easy.
  4. Your child might want to rearrange the sculpture a few times before they find a design they like. When they are finished and is happy with the design, have them spray it with a fine layer of water. It will freeze all together, helping to secure their masterpiece for a while.When the sunlight catches on the pieces of frozen color, it looks really fantastic!
Colored ice.

Another use for Tupperware!

Deck with tower of color.

Snow art decorates the yard with splashes of color!

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