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Archive for March, 2010

The Planning Begins!

March 31, 2010

My mind has been whirling with all the ideas for after spring break.  So I sat down to jot them all down.  Wow!  I do have a few things happening all in a matter of a few weeks.  Let’s see: We’re participating in Fort Box (part of Plymouth’s Green Celebration) – all of the...
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Words Your Child Needs to Hear

March 29, 2010

In the Parenting Awareness Month packet was a sheet with words of encouragement that every child needs and deserves to hear.  I thought it was a wonderful reminder that everyone needs encouragement, but especially our kids.  They want to shine in our eyes so don’t forget to give them some warm fuzzies even when...
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March is Parenting Awareness Month

March 28, 2010

Last November I had an opportunity to attend the Parenting Awareness Michigan conference in Lansing and met many people that love helping children of all ages learn.  Parenting Awareness Month’s slogan is, “Parenting is for a Lifetime.”  I received an information packet that included: developmental charts for infants through teenagers tips for parents of...
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March 26, 2010

I had one of those days that I love what I’m doing!   It started the other day when I was working with a small group of students that are well on their way to understanding the wonders of multiplication.  We were going through the flashcards to see what facts they knew and the...
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The Best Schools!

March 25, 2010
The Best Schools!

If you want to know how the best schools in the country provide their students with the best learning environments, check out: The Best Schools: How Human Development Research Should Inform Educational Practice.  Thomas Armstrong gives examples and shows through studies the environments that students learn the best in early childhood, elementary and through...
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Tessellations Terror!

March 23, 2010

Yikes!  How can something so simple looking and sounding become so complicated?  I was working with the middle school students on tessellations.  We looked at examples of Escher and they marveled at the drawings. Then it was their turn.  The directions only said to make a cut on one side and the top.  Quickly...
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Collage as an Art Form

March 22, 2010

I had a blast today with the elementary students.  They were finishing up an art project that was very cool.  They had spent the last art class painting sheets of paper in a variety of ways: with flyswatters, marbles, finger tips, bingo marker making lines, dots and other interesting shapes. After looking at the...
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Be the Parent Your Kids WANT to Follow

March 22, 2010

Not too long ago I had an opportunity to meet the First Gentlemen of Michigan Dan Mulhern and learned that he writes a weekly blog on leadership.   I have really enjoyed reading the blog.  It has been inspiring and insightful.  They come every Monday morning bright and early to start my week off with...
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To Teach!

March 19, 2010

I’m so excited!  I’m going to go back to school.  I’ve been asked to fill in for a pregnant teacher at the fabulous school I used to work at, New Morning School (I’m not a little biased am I : )), and I start today since Megan came down with strep throat!  It will...
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Helping Families

March 18, 2010

I received this great little book, “The Magic of Children” by Dr. Mark Freed and Dr. Robert D. Safian from Lori Toia with the Wayne County Health and Human Services department (Thanks again Lori!). If you need a little change in perceptive, it’s a great book to bring a smile to your face for...
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