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Leadership Around You

March 22, 2010

Not too long ago I had an opportunity to meet the Former First Gentlemen of Michigan, Dan Mulhern and learned that he writes a weekly blog on leadership.   I have really enjoyed reading the blog.  It has been inspiring and insightful.  They come every Monday morning bright and early to start my week off with something thought provoking.

I also discovered when talking to him that evening that he had a CD on leadership for parents that he calls “Be the Parent Your Kids WANT to Follow”. He was kind enough to send me a copy (Thanks again, Dan!) and I found I was nodding my head in agreement to many of his suggestions.  He gives great examples that any parent can relate to with simple, clear directions on what to do.  I really thought the stories of his challenges as a parent especially heart warming.  As a parent and a teacher, I’m always trying my best, hoping my efforts are making a difference. Modeling expected behavior and having high expectations help children develop a strong moral character.   When children grow up knowing right from wrong and being held responsible for their actions, they develop the strength of character to stand by their convictions.

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