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My Living Room – where did it go?

April 25, 2010

I worked on my own Fort Box creation today.  What fun! I opened up one side and lined the inside of a washer box with a roll of white paper so kids can write on the walls.  I thought it might be fun since they can’t write on them at home.   Then I added paper towel rolls and toilet paper rolls (empty, of course) to the top and created a pattern with them.  They look kind of spiky but cool.  I wanted to spray paint it orange and yellow but Mother Nature isn’t cooperating with me (it’s raining!) but I have Monday and Wednesday to do that.  I guess I won’t get my living room back until Thursday… oh well, it’s good we aren’t excepting any company!  What a sight!  3 garbage bags of “stuff”  that I’ve been collecting to take for the kids to build their own creations. and the Fort Box is in the center of the room, I had to move the coffee table to the side to make room – our animals aren’t sure what to make of all the obstacles.

There is a few more things I like to do:

  • I think I’ll add some port holes for kids to look through and see what’s happening on the other side!
  • Maybe some boxes glued to the sides for kids to count…
  • Is there any way to use anything else?

What a busy weekend it will be. The Green Street Fair, JJ’s graduation and Steve’s birthday! Yikes!  Somehow it will all work out. : )

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