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Discovering Colonial America!

April 26, 2010


Forest of clay trees.

Forest of clay trees.

Model of early colonial road.

Model of early colonial road.

Last week the students worked on their skits.  Hopefully the first group will be ready this week.

We’re going to start the large model of a colonial village on Tuesday.  I think the students will really enjoy doing it. Let’s see what else are we starting this week?  We will introduce writing with a quill pen (it should be interesting and messy), creating quilt pieces and I almost forget  a super cool measuring center!  Our students need some work with measuring so Rita has painted farm animals on foam core and the students will have to measure them in inches and metrics.  I need to take pictures – so far she has brought in the horse and it looks great!  I can’t wait to see what else she comes up with.  She always does the neatest things and the students really enjoy doing the activities, so much that they sometimes forget  that their working!

I woke up this morning thinking about how we were going to build our log cabin.  My mind organizes details when I have down time – it all came together so well.

  • First we’ll have the students discover why a log cabin was used for homes, then have a group design one using Lincoln logs to use as our model.
  • Then they can start measuring the tubes.
  • I’ll bring in our small, portable work bench for the students to have a secure area to set the carpet tubes while they are sawing them.  Rita has a saw that two students will need to use together, like loggers.  They’ll have fun and have a better understanding of the effort the early settlers had to make every day just to survive.
  • I’m curious how the students will want the cabin to look. They always come up with something I hadn’t anticipated. I have already talked with the preschool teacher to see if she would like to inherit the log cabin (Yes!!) after we are done since we already have a house in the room.  Molly is always open to anything her kids will enjoy and her son is helping build it.
  • Now to figure out how to fit the carpet tubes together since we can’t use mortar.  I have a week to come up with something.
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