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Stamp Act Skit

April 27, 2010

The first skit went well.  The group really pulled it together quickly, once they knew what happened.  Elyse’s return from a trip required the group to review the information about the event but it turned out a great way for them to come together as a team.  The drafted the script quickly and practiced it a few times on Monday.  Tuesday morning we gave them a few minutes to rehearse and put on their costumes and they were ready.
The girls  were dressed with fabric pinned at their waist to represent long skirts and bonnets we used for the Oregon Trail simulation (a few years ago).  The boys rolled up their pant legs to look like breeches and wore  3 corner hats (converted hats from the Oregon Trail – again).  They really like getting into character with the costumes.

We brought stages into the room and a stage set in steps for the audience to sit on and used the backdrop from a previous play of a village and viola!  The stage is set for the performance!

Now for the next 5 skits!

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