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Parenting 101

May 8, 2010

I sometimes take it as a matter of course that people, parents in particular, know to treat children with kindness, always.  Parenting is never easy, but it is always rewarding.

Then I witness or hear of an incident like the following, it becomes obvious that all parents don’t understand.  The other day a young girl that we will call Sarah was heart broken by her mother when she verbally refused to work with her, even when the teacher asked her more than once.  To top it off she did it in front of all of her peers and adults in the room.  Sarah looks forward to the times her mother works at the school and this was the big day. Instead of honoring her child, Sarah’s mother choose to use not working with her the consequence of something that had happened earlier at home.  She could have been the adult and let it go but no – so Sarah spent the next hour crying. Sarah unfortunately is learning a lesson mom never intended.  It’s hard to earn back trust once it has been lost.

Okay parents let’s come to an understanding.  Children are not little adults.  They have feelings and dreams just like you do but they don’t need us to pop their balloon.  Life will do that.  When children are young, you the parent are the stars and the moon to them.  Honor that devotion don’t mistreat it.  Treat them with love and understanding.  They are learning so much, everything is new to them.  So they might not get it right the first time or the tenth time but that’s okay!  They will only be young for a very short time – enjoy the journey!  Try to look at life through their eyes – it is always unique and very different then you can imagine!

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