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Mini-version of a Log Cabin

May 22, 2010

One of the tasks that we wanted the students to do was to build a log cabin.  We discussed with the students why would they have a log cabin and that everyone would help.  Some of the girls thought that was odd but when your survival depends on shelter from the elements, everyone pitches in. It was fun to watch the students working together in teams sawing the carpet tubes. We used a saw meant for two.  They had to take turns pulling and guiding the saw.  It was interesting to watch them work out the rhythm of working and letting go since they couldn’t push and apply pressure otherwise the blade would bend.  Although it was only heavy cardboard, they found it difficult to saw through and each came away with much more appreciation of the work that went into survival and living.

As the students were sawing the tubes, other students build models of what they thought the log cabin should look like using Lincoln Logs.  They were a great tool to use and to show them how the logs stacked up on each other.

So now it was up to Rita and I to make the notches to stack them up like the Lincoln Logs.  We figured a sawsall would do it but it was harder to do then I had hoped for.  It required 2 people – one holding it down while the other sawed it.  We were getting down to the wire.  We needed to have the log cabin assembled before Tuesday.  I told Rita that I was going to do them Wednesday afternoon and take the rest home to do there.
Wednesday comes around and who walks in but Joe, Rita’s saint of a husband.  He came to rescue us!  Joe spent 4 hours cutting out the notches and then came the next day to help the students assemble it!  What a great guy! :  )

The students loved the log cabin.  Chantal was on hand to take pictures of all the kids checking out their new home.  You’d think we gave them this spacious place – it’s only 6’x6′ but it’s their’s!  I’ll down load my pictures soon – the camera is still at school.

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