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Preparing for our Simulation on Colonial Life!

May 24, 2010

Colonial Simulation – Bringing Life of a colonial child to life!

What a blast! Today the students prepared the veggies, butter and corn bread for tomorrow’s lunch.  Everyone knew what they had to do and were busy doing it – kind of like ants. Everyone worked well in their groups and I was pleasantly surprised that you really can peel a potato by scraping it with a plastic knife.  The kids really enjoyed doing everything then we practiced the Virginia Reel.  It’s the first time we’ve gone through it all the way with everyone getting a chance to be the head couple.  What fun it was to watch them count out the beats and keep each other going in the right direction.  They were smiling and having a great time.

Wax Museum

We’re all set for tomorrow.  Wax museum and the assemble in the morning and the chores and games in the afternoon.  I organized all the different activities so the items can just be taken outside when it’s time.  I hope more people come help in the afternoon – but either way, it’ll be fun.

Washing Clothes on Rocks

I was surprised that only a few students have brought in something dirty to wash tomorrow.  I know its an odd request, but washing their own clothes would have more of an impact.  Perhaps they figure if they don’t bring in something, they won’t have to wash – wrong-o!  I looked through our rags bin at home and pulled out some old towels.  Mixing a little water with some fresh dirt and the rags, I came up with some very filthy items.  Won’t they be surprised tomorrow?

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