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Marathon Kids!

June 10, 2010

runMy students ran a mini-marathon!

Inspire kids and they can do anything! I have seen it for myself.  Last year the students from New Morning School’s preschool to 8th grade ran the equivalent to 6 marathons together and Runner’s World hear about it.  This year they added doing laps in the pool and biking miles to make it an Ironman triathlon.

They rode their bikes at home and for a school bike day and did 317 laps or 142 miles that day alone. The total goal was 112 miles on a bike! On the big day of the run, all the kids were ready!  They got a little pep talk from the Director, Elaine Kennedy who has run in Ironman competitions and the youngest ones were off and running.  The rest of us cheered them on.

In order to give them a few minutes before the “big kids” joined them on the path, there was a group of bicyclist that shared their stories and how many miles they have traveled this year by bike. Each shared amazing miles but when the last man spoke he took everyone by surprise!  He had traveled this year 12,000 miles on his bike! Then they were ready for their turn and they were ready to run.

To say I thought it was amazing to see the preschool kids running, walking with such heart would be an understatement.  They were truly warriors of the road – nothing stopped them.  They just kept running – and smiling!  The middle school and elementary were going for the most laps.  Around and around they went smiling, enjoying what they were accomplishing together.

In the end they ran 10 marathons together!  The local paper, Observer and Eccentric, wrote about  what the students were doing.  Pretty cool!
They students were very subdued for the rest of the day but it always feels good when you know you done a job well. Bravo to all!

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