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Over the Rainbow There’s a Wonderful World

July 1, 2010


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When I first heard Israel Kakakawiwo’ole’s version of Over the Rainbow and What a Wonderful World it brought tears to my eyes.  I have had the pleasure of watching many children grow up. And it’s more than just my wonderful son, but all the children I have spent the day with teaching.   Elementary children seem to grow like bean poles – in height and abilities.

But these two really stand out.  Perhaps because I was their first grade teacher and taught them for 5 years, perhaps because they are such great kids, perhaps they were always special to me and always will be or maybe I’m just getting sentimental.   Josh and Sydney recently graduated from New Morning’s middle school and are off to high school. They are very ready to take on the world!

Josh played Pachelbel on guitar that night so now when I listen to that music, I see Josh sitting there looking so mature and handsome.  Josh was always ready to learn something new.  We had our own book club one year and I enjoyed sharing the books with him. Josh, I know you’re going to do great things – I can see the determination in your eyes.

All the graduates put together a Power Point show of events and people that are important to them.  The slides reflect the students interests including the pictures and music they select. These Power Points are shown at the end of the performance for all the other students and parents to see. Sydney honored me by putting a picture of me in her PowerPoint of her life.  I was  pleasantly surprised! She has always gone out of her way to let me know she cares from poems she has wrote to inviting me to special presentations.  She has always been one of my  favorite students and I loved the challenge of challenging her! I hope she knows that I have always been her biggest fan!  Now she’s off to conquer the world!  Watch out world – this beauty is a powerhouse of determination, and once she sets her mind on something, it’s her’s!  Sydney, go set the world on fire!

And thanks guys, I really was lucky to have the opportunity to teach you, play all day with you, know you, love you! : )


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