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Maker Faire

August 6, 2010

We went to the Maker Faire at the Henry Ford over the weekend.  So much to see – it was great to see all the energy and ideas!  Some of the highlights:

  • I spoke to a guy with a 3-D printer.  It used plastic tubing and created whatever object you had programed into it right in front of you.  Very cool!
  • Live Size Mousetrap – they dropped a safe on a car instead of a mouse  – very fun to watch.  The crew wore clown noses and mismatches goofy socks.
  • Bands and entertainers.
  • Bikes like nothing I’ve ever seen before – circle bikes that sat over 5 people with everyone pedaling. Another one that was two huge wheels and the seat swung around in the center.  It didn’t look comfortable.  There was a bike powered spinner with electric guitars!
  • Lots of cars – spacey looking and normal.  This one was a time machine that left bubbles behind it.
  • You could learn how to solder too!
  • There were also exhibits inside the Henry Ford, which, of course, lead us to look around the museum.  This is a working phonograph from Thomas Edison and they played one of the original recordings – amazing! They have changed the lay out – moved some of the pieces to display them in interesting groupings.  I’ll have to go back to explore it more.  I also want to see the Play exhibit – it look like fun!  Has anyone been through the Play exhibit? Would you recommend it?



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