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We’re Going to France! Viva la France!

October 6, 2010
Venee dressed as Madeline.

Acting like a young joyful girl dressed as Madeline.

Studying France

Yesterday we launched our study on France.  What fun!  Venee dressed up as Madeline (she looked sweet), Kristen agreed to be a tourist (she is such a good sport) and I was the goofy painter with a mustache.

We talked about what they all knew about France and what they wanted to learn and so it begins.  I add more as we go along.  This will be fun!

Cynthia fixing her mustache.

Playing a painter to create a scene  that  we performed.

The scholars rapped attention to the scene unfolding before them.

The young scholars sitting with riveted attention to the skit before them.


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